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In 2023, no youth should support any candidate older than Nigeria in age —Group

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A coalition under the aegis of Nigeria Youths in Politics (NYP) has called on youths in the country to take more active roles in the political affairs of the country, as the elections approach.

The group also called on youths and Nigerians in general to support younger candidates for political offices.

This was contained in a statement issued on Wednesday by the group’s Vice-President, Olufowobi Desmond in Lagos, who charged all youths to become more politically active ahead of the next elections.

He also said, “It is therefore our desire to encourage young Nigerians to come into political environment and challenge the status quo, no more anointed candidate for 2023. And we say no to anyone older than the country, in age, asset and affluence,” he concluded.

The NYP also advocated for a person from the southern part of the country to become president in 2023 in order to douse ethnic tensions across the country.

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Desmond further noted that the call for a 2023 Southern President is “the only way to douse the calls for Nigeria’s disintegration.”

He said; “The Nigeria Youth in Politics has been monitoring the body language of some of our politicians and leaders who are calling for a northern politician to run for president of Nigeria in 2023, they are considered as the enemy of the country.

“Going by the political situation of the country where the southerners calling for Biafra and Oduduwa nations, it is only a fact, that the only way to douse this ethnic tension is to support a southern Nigerian as president in 2023, it is our believe that this will solve the current call for secession in some quarters of the country.

“In addition, 2023 presents an opportunity for Nigerian youth to get into national politics, because there won’t be a seating president, and sincerely, our mandate is to support a young candidate in 2023”.

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