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Dancer, Kaffy, speaks on her failed marriage

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Popular Nigerian dancer Kafayat Shafau better known as Kaffy has spoken about her failed marriage with Joseph Ameh for the first time.

Kaffy and Joseph Ameh, a former drummer and music director for the twin duo, P Square tied the knot in a well-attended wedding ceremony in 2012. The renowned dancer has now confirmed that they are no longer together.

Speaking during a session shared on her Instagram page on Tuesday morning, Kaffy had this to say:

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“I have always wanted to see my ex be the best version of himself and even breaking up the marriage was also to see that we both grew into what we really are supposed to be.

Marriage is supposed to be an alignment of destinies driving towards a place that God wants us to be and mine really did not work out that way.

“Rather than looking at somebody as a problem, you could be the problem of that person. Being an enabler of someone not being able to do what they are supposed to do can also be that you are not supposed to be in that space.”

The Guiness book of records holder continued:

“So, there was a lot to learn and there is still a lot more to learn.

I want to express that and motivate you to understand that life is not all about reaction to the world; it is not about reacting to what want you to say or what the world wants to hear; what the world wants you to be or what the world wants you to wear; what the world wants you to look like or get married.”

Watch her speak below.

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