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APC chieftain, Igbokwe lambasts party for celebrating Fani-Kayode

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Discontented voices continue to voice their opposition to the recent defection of a former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with an APC Chieftain, Joe Igbokwe amongst the stakeholders against the move.

Joe Igbokwe, who is a prominent APC stakeholder in Lagos State, made his position known during a live interview on AriseTV monitored by Ripples Nigeria on Wednesday.

In response to questions about the effect of Fani-Kayode’s defection to the APC, Igbokwe said, “The gale of defections is why there is a lack of consequences in the polity.

“The worse behaviour ends up becoming the culture making it a norm.”

He further lambasted the decision of the party to openly welcome and celebrate the defection of the former Minister.

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“Why the open celebration of Fani-Kayode. He is not a hero. The foundation members of the APC are worried. Fani-Kayode’s antecedents are too incendiary to be neglected. The precedent being set by the defection of Fani-Kayode is bad with his renowned loquaciousness.

“I believe we are in a democracy and anyone has the wherewithal to defect to any party. When Fani-Kayode said he would rather die than return to the APC. Why return? Loyalists need to be rewarded due to their dignity.

“Fani-Kayode is well educated and can’t be discounted. However, he lacks character. A man is known for what he stands for. It is about your ideals and not about the defections.”

On the issue of the seeming inability of the Lagos State Government to tackle the annual flooding witnessed during the rainy seasons, the APC chieftain said, “Lagos is a coastal city below sea level. Go to the Netherlands and New Orleans; it is a natural occurrence bound to happen and we have to live with it.

“People should avoid building on wetlands because of flash floods which occupies water before channelling in back into the lagoon. The populace also dump refuse inside dredged channels which exacerbates the situation. The citizenry must be more responsible to their duties.”

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